Frequently Asked Questions

We recommend Hill’s Science Diet Puppy Formula Chicken Meal and Oat Recipe, with additives such as: raw canned pumpkin, salmon/fish oil, frozen blueberries, and joint supplements.
Your puppy will have age appropriate vaccines at the time of leaving. Since puppy vaccines are a series of shots within a several week span at specific ages, you will be required to continue this series with your vet. Your puppy will have its vaccination record to bring to your vet so he/she can continue this series. Your vet will advise you on a vaccination schedule into your puppy’s adulthood. Note: Since your puppy is not considered protected from parvovirus and/or distemper (both are typically fatal) until after this puppy series is complete, it is important that you do not risk exposure to diseases until after this series is complete.
Rabies vaccines cannot be administered until 14 weeks of age. Unless your puppy is 14 weeks of age or older, you will be required to get your puppy’s first rabies vaccination, and those thereafter.
Puppies are dewormed regularly, and will be free of worms and all internal/external parasites at the time they go home. However, it is important that you continue routine deworming as advised by your vet. Your vet can also suggest a routine parasite (flea, tick, heartworm) prevention.
Your puppy will come with a UKC and/or ABKC application for permanent registration. Both the UKC and the ABKC are reputable purebred dog registries for the American Bully breed (as well as other breeds).
Puppies are available to leave once they reach a minimum of 8 weeks of age, have begun their puppy vaccine series, and all balances have been paid. The only exception to this leave time is if you opt to have your puppy's ears cropped, in which case the leave time would be extended. This is discussed in our contract, and we will be happy to answer any questions about this before you make a choice.
Your puppy will grow to be comparable in size as one or both parents, with females generally being smaller in size and stature than males.
All families are welcomed to pick their puppy up in person, but we can ship your puppy to any domestic or international destination that does not prohibit this breed. Shipping expenses & supplies will be a responsibility of the buyer. Also, international destinations will require added vaccination and/or immunity testing that are age specific and/or process specific. This means puppies that are flown outside of the United States will have a later leave time than 8 weeks of age. Please speak with us so we can give you information specific to your country’s import requirements. Additionally, you can find information on your country’s puppy import requirements and breed specific regulations here: (select your country from the drop down box). The price for shipping is $500, and must be paid in full (along with the balance on your puppy) before shipping is booked.
You may request your puppies ears be cropped for an addition charge of $600. Please refer to our Ear Crop Waiverpage for additional information, or you may contact us with any inquiries.