You are currently viewing Rockefeller & Siggy

Pick spots are as follows:

Born June 10, 2021

8 Males|4 Females

*Puppies will be ready to Leave Around August 7, 2021 (this date is approximate)*


1st Pick: $5,500

2nd Pick: $4,500

3rd Pick: $3,500

4th Pick: Reserved For Candice Hulcher

5th Pick: Reserved For Brianna Hopkins

6th Pick: Ryan Nunes

7th Pick: Reserved For April Carey

8th Pick: $1,500


1st Pick: Reserved For The Bully District

2nd Pick: Reserved Lisea llanes

3rd Pick: $3,500

4th Pick: Reserved for Atomic_Bullies


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  1. Leo garcia

    Are your female pups spade ?

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